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Brunch, sometimes...

I get up really early in the mornings. On days that I don't have to work, I still do it, just not by choice. If the stars align in my favor, meaning:

  1. There's food leftover from the night before

  2. There's more food that can be cooked without having to be thawed

  3. I convince myself I'm going to clean up the mess I make

  4. The 2 year old dictator that lives in my house does not demand Waffle House or Doba (IYKYK) upon her eyes opening

I'll make something that starts out as breakfast and evolves into brunch. Brunch is probably my favorite excuse to eat. If it's out somewhere, I prefer Knife and Stone in downtown Newnan, followed by Virgil's in College Park. At home, it's a conglomeration of fresh food, leftovers, and wild ideas. While the stuff I do at home has the tendency to be slightly over the top, there aren't too many pictures (yet) because I'm usually starving by the time that particular masterpiece has reached it's created completion. Or, it's ugly but tastes really good.

The last time I did it, I made sweet potato waffles with a cinnamon and honey compound butter, some leftover ribeye strips from a competition practice, poached eggs, hollandaise, and some Bear and Burton's W Breakfast Sauce. I'm not totally sure the Breakfast sauce is in stores yet - we got some samples from a competition early in the year and had to struggle to ration them out, it's that good. Once it is in stores, buy it. Get all of their products, they are all great.

Sweet potato waffles are really good, and my kids love them. There's a good, balanced sweet potato flavor that is lightly accented by the compound butter. I ate two of those to make sure while everything else was cooking. Competition steaks have such a unique flavor that can be a little too dominant sometimes, so the W sauce and hollandaise was a great complement to bring everything together and balance it out.

I know, I know. It's a benedict with steak and waffles instead of muffins. It's a tired play on an old classic. But, try it. Seriously. It's worth it.

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